What Are Liner Panels?

  • Liner Panels are made of Light Density Fiberboard.
  • They can be routed in many different configurations and in custom sizes up to 48×96.
  • Bevels and Scoops, Bullnose or Radius. 
  • With or without rabbet. Mat Liners 1/8 to 7/8″ thick. Rabbet liners 5/8″ thick.
  • Multiple openings. Hundreds of colors.
  • Great Prices, great creativity, great customer satisfaction

These Liner Panels are precision-routed and wrapped to your custom specifications. 

Panels wrapped with any fabric in sizes up to:

16×20 (36 united inches) – $75
18×24 (42 united inches) – $95
24×30 (54 united inches) – $125
32×40 (72 united inches) – $150
40×60 (100 united inches) – $200

For multiple openings, special configurations, and Liner Panels over 40×60, call for quote:



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