The benefits of Fibremats are:
  • Available in 6 thicknesses so you can introduce more depth into your designs.
  • Sizes up to 49 x 97 available. We stock that sheet size every day.
  • Framers do not have to worry about the mats curling. Even without glass they lay flat.
  • On the 1/4 and 3/8 thicknesses we can offer up to 45 Degree and 30 Degree Bevels as well as Rounded Bull Noses.
  • On thicknesses over 1/8″ we can flip them over and route a very shallow 1/8″ deep rabbet so when they install a fillet it sits flat with the bottom of the Fibremat. No need to build up the bottom.
  • Multiple openings, round or oval openings, weighted bottoms.