When ordering Mats, simply specify the outside dimensions, the border widths, the desired Fabric, and the orientation. i.e. Portrait (vertical) or Landscape (horizontal). The orientation is needed in the event that you have designed a weighted border, or if the Fabric has a distinct “grain.” It is generally preferred that the “grain” run horizontally across the width of the framed piece. This is keeping with draperies and wall coverings. You also have the option to specify reverse bevels and multiple openings, and choose between 4-ply and 8-ply matboard. We carry mats up to 40 x 60, and you can order ragboard up to 48 x 96.

For Mats, please specify:

  • Outside Dimensions
  • Border Widths
  • Fabric
  • Orientation

Want To Sell More Fabric Mats?

This point-of-purchase display set is designed to do just that…

Five stunning Embossed Corner Patterns and two popular designs featuring our Flexible Fabric Fillet. 

Measuring 10″ x 12″ outside with 4 x 6 windows, these beautiful mats are certain to attract everyone’s attention. 

Unique, exquisite, and available in hundreds of colors, and in sizes up to 40 x 60, they are priced right to give you, the framer, an opportunity to offer truly exciting (and profitable) mat designs. 

Priced Right:

16 x 20 (and smaller): $75
20 x 24: $95
24 x 30: $125
32 x 40: $150
40 x 60: $200
48 x 96: $300

These prices include one rectangular opening. Add $25 for each additional opening. For larger sizes, please call to request a quote. 

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Call us at 888-332-2749 or email us at

Call us at 888-332-2749 or email us at