Wrapping Fabric Mats and Liners is Easy, Fun, and highly Rewarding. Hand-wrapped fabric mats and liners add warmth, beauty, and a special appeal that is certain to garnish appreciation and enjoyment. Offering this beautiful framing option is easier and more affordable than ever. With our time-proven system, we have taken the mystery out of the process. Using the tools, adhesives, and procedures we recommend you will achieve professional results with only a few minutes’ practice.

Before we get started, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with this fact about Fabric:

Many Fabrics have a distinct and noticeable “grain”. This term refers to the heavy threads that run across the face of the Fabric, from edge to edge. It is also known as the “weft.”

In keeping with draperies and wall coverings, it is generally preferred to have the “grain” running from left to right on framed pictures, rather than up and down.

Please keep this in mind when ordering fabric because a tall piece will require more fabric than a wide piece of the same size. Of course, if the fabric is smooth and tightly woven and the grain is not noticeable, this instruction does not apply.

Materials needed: Fabric – Matboard and/or Liner – Adhesive – Paint Roller and Applicator – Razor Blades – Scissors – Cutting Surface – Kraft Paper

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